Beauty and The Beast

Chapter one

Bring Me a Rose

Once, there was a rich merchant in a big town.

He had many ships.

They brought lots of gold from all over the world.

He also had three daughters.

The two elder sisters thought that they were the prettiest.

They would only wear expensive dresses.

They would only think about marrying reach men.

The youngest daughter was different.

She was the most beautiful daughter.

In fact, everything about her was beautiful.

This is why her name was ‘Beauty.’

One day, the rich merchant suddenly lost everything.

All of his ships sank.

Now he only had a small country-house.

The old merchant told his daughters what happened.

Beauty said to her father, ‘please don’t cry.’

We have each other and our good health.

Money is not important.

Her sisters started to pull their hair out.

‘Oh, father,’ the eldest daughter cried.

‘What will we do now?’

‘You’ll have to work,’ he said, very sadly.

The middle daughter was angry and said, ‘we can’t work.

No rich man will want to marry us.

‘Let’s go to town, said the eldest daughter.

‘We’ll marry the first man that proposes.’

The two eldest daughters put on their best dresses.

They went to town, and looked for husbands.

But everyone knew about the merchant’s bad luck.

The middle daughter said to one man, ‘I’m ready to be married.

‘I only wanted to marry you for your money! Said he.

Another man said to the eldest daughter ‘I changed my mind because you don’t have any money.

But one man ran to Beauty and said, ‘Please marry me.

We could live happily together.

But she couldn’t leave her father.

‘My father is old.

I have to stay with him.’

The family moved to the county-house.

The elder sisters didn’t stop complaining.

They never did any work.

But Beauty worked hard everyday.

‘If I don’t work, my father will be hungry, she thought.

One day, her father came home with a big smile.

‘I just heard some good new.’ He said.

‘One of my ships didn’t sink.

It’s bringing back lots of gold for us. We’ll be rich again!

Beauty smiled at her father.’ That’s great news.

I’m so glad to see you happy again.

The two elder sisters jumped up for joy.

‘We’re rich! We’re rich! They shouted.

The next morning, Beauty’s father woke up early.

He had to meet his ship at the port.

‘Good-bye, girls, I’m going to the port, ‘he said.

The elder sisters jumped out of bed and ran to him.

‘We had to eat bad food, and wear ugly clothes.’ They said.

‘Will you bring us a present?

We want some chocolates and some silk dresses.

‘Ok. I’ll bring you back what you want.’ He said. ‘What about you, Beauty?

What can I get for you?

Beauty didn’t want anything.

She was happy just because she could see her father happy.

She only thought of one simple thing.

‘Just bring me a rose, ‘she said.

Then, the merchant said good-bye to them and left.

The old man walked to the port.

It took him more than a week.

When he got there, he heard some terrible news.

His last ship had no money on it.

Pirates robbed it.

They had taken everything.

Beauty’s father fell to the ground and started to cry.

‘I must be cursed, ‘he thought.