Chapter Five

I Love You, Beast

A few evening later, Beauty had a terrible dream.

In the dream, she walked around the castle, and looked for the Beast.

There was nobody there.

She called his name, but she didn’t hear an answer.

Nearby the castle, she heard a noise.

When she walked toward the noise, she found the Beast.

He was lying on the ground.

‘Oh, Beast! Please don’t die, she cried.

‘I am so ugly, aren’t I? He growled.

‘ You could never love a beast like me.

Then the Beast died in her arms.

Beauty woke up and jumped out of bed.

‘What am I doing? I’m killing my poor Beast.

I must go to the Beast right now and marry him.

Beauty wrote a good-bye letter to her father.

Then, she took off her ring, and fell asleep again.

In the morning, Beauty woke up in the castle.

She walked around, and looked for the Beast.

He was not anywhere.

She thought that he would appear at the dinner table as usual.

‘Tonight, I’ll tell him that I’ll marry him.

That evening, Beauty made herself beautiful.

At dinnertime, she didn’t see any food magically appear.

The Beast didn’t come to dinner, either.

The Beauty thought, ‘Maybe he’s dead.

Maybe he died when I didn’t come back to him.

Maybe he couldn’t live any longer, because I wouldn’t marry him.

‘Beast! Beast! She called out.

But there was no answer.

Then she remembered the place where she found the Beast in her dream.

She ran there very quickly.

She found the Beast lying in the garden.

Just like in her dream, he seemed to be dying.

‘Beast! She cried. You can’t  die.

You must live with me, and be my husband!

Please, marry me.

Then Beauty bent over the dying creature and held him in her arms.

Then she kissed the hairy Beast’s cheek.

At that moment, she saw a bright flash of light.

In a moment, Beauty found herself inside the castle.

The room was filled with flowers.

Next to Beauty was a very handsome man.

He was dressed like a prince.

She was very confused.

‘what’s going on here? Where’s my dear Beast?

‘I am your Beast, sweet Beauty, the prince said.

‘A long time ago, an evil witch cast a spell on me.

She changed me into a beast.

She said that I would never change or grow old until a beautiful woman agreed to marry me.

I lived by myself for hundreds of years.

When you came to my place, I felt happy for the first time in centuries.

But when you said you wouldn’t marry me, I felt like I would die.

Then you came back, and said you would marry me.

You saved my life.

Any you changed me back to my natural form.

I owe you everything, dear Beauty.

And I love you very much.

At that moment, a good witch appeared and said to them,’ I’m glad to see you looking so handsome again, sir.

Beauty, you finally met a beautiful person like you.

Truly, you are the most handsome couple in the whole world.

I will marry you today.

And i will give you happiness for the rest of your lives.

I will bring you many happy and beautiful children, too.

From that day, Beauty and her prince were always happy.

They continued having their long talks in the evenings.

And when their children were born, the halls of the castle were filled with children’s laughter.