Bread rolls or dinner rolls ( Korean Roll-ppang or tinna roll

Turn on the heat, we need a thick bottom pan with lid, put 3 table spoon unsalted butter in the pan , when all the butter melted then turn off the heat.

We need cold milk, this lowers the temperature of melted butter. Pure half a cup cold milk in the melted butter.

Add 2 tbsp sugar, salt ¼ tsp , one large egg and stir the mix , now the temperature is good for adding Yeast , add 2 tsp dry yeast and stir and let it sit one minute until yeast going to be active. Add one and half a cup all purpose flour and stir it again, Use a wooden spoon or rice scoop. Only it took one minute at this time the dough is very sticky then we put on the lid of the pan and let it rest for one hour.

Now one hour passed the dough should be doubled in size. Lots of airs inside like a pufferfish! Just for deflate, we are going to knead the dough around one minute and let the dough sit again for 30 minutes more, now the dough is softer and with knead the dough all gas goes out. Then divide dough first into 2 and then each one into 3 equal pieces. And make a thin rope from each piece of the dough and then make a knot with the thin rope of dough. And put it into the bake pan, and then let it rise for one hour.

One hour passed so let bake. Going to preheat the oven 350 F, then brushes the dough with the white egg. And then put it in the preheated oven, 15 minutes passed, bring out the dough from oven and once again brush white egg and put .one more minute into the oven then the bread is ready