How to make Marshmallow Fondant and Gumpaste Recipe for decorating cakes


250 g of marshmallow

500 g of powdered sugar (sifted)

2 tablespoons of water

½ cup Crisco Vegetable shortening (more or less, for greasing your hands, surface and bowls , etc during making Marshmallows Fondant

CMC powder for making Gumpaste

CMC powder= Cake Decorating Icing Sugarcraft Gum

For making Marshmallow Fondant (MMF):

First grease the Pirex bowl Add the marshmallows and then pour water onto the marshmallows and put the bowl into microwave max power for 30 second , pass 30 second bring the bowl out of microwave and stirs marshmallows and again put it into microwave for another 30 second until you have a smooth runny mix . I recommend microwaving in 30 second intervals , stirring after each until it’s completely smooth. You want it totally melted , but not so hot that it’s boiling or anything!  (some people say that this stage is better if you want /need to color an entire batch of fondant a single color- do it now! It’s much easier and faster to stir Gel coloring into melted marshmallows that it is to knead it into completed fondant later! So add a few drops of gel coloring at this stage)

Then add half of the powdered sugar (sifted) and mix together until you have got a dough. Grease your hands or use gloves then pour 2/3 remaining powdered sugar onto a cleaned surface and pure the dough on it and mix them with your hands until you got a smooth and soften dough and non-stick into your hands. Then put it into the fridge and after 24 hours you have the Marshmallow Fondant ready for decorating your cake.

When working with your Marshmallow fondant use powdered sugar or cornstarch to roll out your fondant.

For coloring your Marshmallow fondant use edible gel colors and for this just use a very small amount with the tip of toothpick and rub onto your marshmallow fondant and knead the dough until all the fondant become colored.

For making  Gumpaste:

For making Gumpaste that use for making flowers from fondant, we use CMC powder.

(For making gumpaste add ¼ teaspoon of CMC for each 100 g of fondant). And mix the powder with the marshmallow fondant and knead it thoroughly for 2-3 minutes until become a smooth and nice dough. Allow to firm up for about 20-30 minutes. During knead use sometimes some pinches of cornstarch or powdered sugar for doing the job easily.

For best results needs 6-8 hours to firm up and to gain elasticity, wraped tightly in clingfilm and sealed in a ziplock bag.

Now your gumpaste is ready for making flowers for decorating your cake.

The other recipe for making homemade marshmallow fondant for decorating cakes:

1 pound of puffed marshmallow – the mini ones melt faster!

¼ -1/2 cup water

½ cup Crisco vegetable shortening (more or less for greasing your hand, surface, bowls and etc.)

2 pounds of powdered sugar

1-2 teaspoons clear vanilla extract or other flavouring (optional)


Large microwave –safe bowl

Rubber spatula

Silicone mat or well-greased surface for knead the dough.