Marbled Chocolate Dessert Bowls


6, 6-8 inch balloons, sprayed with non-stick spray

Large baking sheet lined with parchment paper

2 cups milk or dark chocolate chips

1 cup white chocolate chips

Shortening, if needed

1 pint of ice cream

Fruit or berries, such as blueberry, strawberry, diced mango, sliced bananas, raspberry

Slivered almonds, mint leaves for garnish


1-      Have inflated balloons ready and sprayed with non-stick spray.

2-      Melt milk and white chocolate in separate bowls. To melt chocolate in a microwave, reduce power level to 50 percent. Stir every 30 seconds. If chocolate doesn’t melt very smoothly, add a teaspoon of shortening and fold into the chocolate.

3-      Carefully pour white chocolate into the center of melted milk chocolate. Use spatula to fold in the white chocolate, using 4 strokes

4-      Dip balloons in on four sides to create petal look. Set balloons onto parchment paper to set. Place into refrigerator to set the chocolate faster.  

5-      Once bowls are set, pop balloons with needle and discard. Fill with ice cream, fruit and /or whipped cream. Keep refrigerated when not serving.

Dessert snacks and small bites