How to make Chocolate Ganache and Chocolate Ganache filling for chocolate Cakes


1 ¼ cup milk

¾ cup cream

1 5/8 lb dark chocolate

1 quart heavy whipping cream

3 full tbsp powdered sugar

Serving size: filling for an 8-inch chocolate cake plus a little extra

First pure the milk and cream in a saucepan and bring to boil at medium heat and then add finely chopped dark chocolate to it and turn off stove once you have added chocolate to mixture and then stir until chocolate has completely melted.

When chocolate completely melted pure the chocolate Ganache through a sifter until make sure there is no lump in the Ganache and so we have very smooth chocolate Ganache.

Now we gonna make chocolate Ganache filling :

For this we have Chocolate Ganache that we have made earlier and we ganna use heavy whipping cream approximately 2 pints.

First if your Ganache was refrigerated  and is hard, soften by hand or with a mixer to get nicely smooth and soft .

Then we are going to whip our whipping cream with a mixer and start mixer on low speed and slowly increase speed as the whip cream hardens , beat whip cream until it is firm and at this time if you would like that your chocolate Ganache filling become more sweeter so pure 3 tbsp powdered sugar into it and keep mixing some more until it become firm completely  when it become firm and hard we ganna add the Ganache to it and start at low speed and gradually increase speed until whip cream and Ganache have thoroughly mixed.( make sure the chocolate Ganache has cooled down to room temp before adding to whip cream).

Now our chocolate ganache filling are ready for filling a chocolate cake.

Please note: I have added about ¾ of the chocolate ganache that i made to the whipped cream and keep the rest for decorating.

Preparing the whip cream depending on your mixer but be careful not beat whip cream so much since it become buttery and spoil your whip cream. The best is between 2 to 4 depending on the speed of your mixer.